Daily Schedule for April 13-15

Help us realize Soft Pavilion, by attending or volunteering for the performances. If you can volunteer for any of these performances, please contact us at common.anchorage@alaskadesignforum.org.

Wednesday, April 13th

Small to mid scale group deployment – flash mob style. Sites TBD with Pezo von Ellrichshausen (parks, streets, town square, parking lots…) We will post these performance plans on Facebook on Tuesday (Common Space AK).

We need 20+ standby volunteers.

Thursday, April 14th

Flattop performance in the evening, probably on the foothills with photography from above. We’re meeting at the Glen Alps (Flattop) parking lot at 5:30pm. Wear dark clothing (artist’s request), and bring hiking shoes, hats and gloves – it may be windy and cold.

We need 50+ plus volunteer performers.

Friday, April 15th


  • Museum performance in front yard at 4pm with 100 performers
  • Park Strip performance at 5:30pm with 100 performers. Ground is wet and snowy – wear appropriate shoes/boots.
  • Performances followed by Common Space potluck at IGCA gallery 427 D St.. Bring snack foods to share – we will have a microwave for reheating.