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Final Nome Dinner

in Design Labs, Nome

Join us tonight (April 15) at the XYZ Community Center for the final dinner event of our project. We hope to trade food for thoughts and stories.

Wednesday's dinner event. Note that the team built the table from materials scavenged from the inert waste landfill.


Local Knowledge

in Design Labs, Nome

Marie Tozier invited the Nome team to her house for a crash course in subsistence foods. Here she is talking about fermenting practices.

Lunch at XYZ with elders Faye Ongtowasruk, Ester Bourdon and Polly Koweluk, where we discussed hunting and preserving.



Gathering Foods for NIĠĠIVIK / EATING PLACE

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The Niġġivik / Eating Place team spent Monday collecting local foods from the people of Nome. Artists Iain and Petia (of Spurse) are blogging about the project at

Polar bear

Pickled muktuk

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SPURSE’ Iain Kerr and Petia Morozov will be blogging about Niġġivik / Eating Place at

NIĠĠIVIK / EATING PLACE: Schedule for April 10-16

in Design Labs, Nome

We’ve updated the daily schedule for the Niġġivik / Eating Place project in Nome. The schedule includes three dinner events and a book-making workshop, in addition to the collection of foods and the facilitation of a mobile cooking unit (for cooking as well as eating in).

See the full daily schedule.

Nome Project Announced

in Design Labs, Nome

Nome artist team SPURSE has submitted their project plan for Niġġivik / Eating Place:

To eat is to celebrate the revolutionary acts of community building when we gather, prepare and share food. The vibrant practices of subsistence living among Alaskans already exemplify this spirit, conjoining people with place in radically unique ways. SPURSE imagines that such practices are not locatable by mere cartographic means, but by a vast conspiring of creatures, environments and processes that co-shape this event we call “eating.”

To test this logic, SPURSE members Iain Kerr and Petia Morozov will collaborate with the city of Nome to carry out a weeklong program of scavengings, schemings, and exchanges. These will culminate into three mobile dinner events that experiment with new forms of sharing a meal, and that speculate on future ideas about “common space.” Driving the larger ambition is to create a robust platform for rich social and ecological interactions that move both within and beyond the traditional bounds of “the commons.”

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