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Soft Pavilion Performances in Anchorage

in Anchorage, Design Labs

The Soft Pavilion installation/performances will span three days – April 13-15. We’ll post locations here once they’ve been determined.

Looking For Love Again: Update

in Design Labs, Fairbanks

We’re close to making a final selection on the material we’ll use to ornament the Polaris Building for Looking For Love Again. It must be lightweight & paint-able – and minimize contrast with the existing exterior of the building.

The materials for the street-level installation have been purchased, and the related production is underway.

The production of the upper building ornamentation will take place from April 10-14. An opening event, open to the public, will be on Friday April 15.

NIĠĠIVIK / EATING PLACE: Schedule for April 10-16

in Design Labs, Nome

We’ve updated the daily schedule for the Niġġivik / Eating Place project in Nome. The schedule includes three dinner events and a book-making workshop, in addition to the collection of foods and the facilitation of a mobile cooking unit (for cooking as well as eating in).

See the full daily schedule.

Soft Pavilion Sewing Party: Sunday March 27

in Anchorage, Design Labs

2500 yards of yellow habutae fabric has arrived in Anchorage. The sewing has begun.

There will be a sewing party in Anchorage this Sunday (March 27) from 12pm-4pm. Help us realize the Soft Pavilion!


in Design Labs, Juneau

Sho-Globe will make appearances throughout Juneau during April 13-16. We will provide some location details once they have been determined, and will also announce locations via Twitter.

We expect the construction of the pod to take place between April 10-13. We are currently finalizing arrangements for our production space, as well as shipping the materials. Samples have been created and are being tested.

Sho-Globe is being designed to be packable/worn, so that it can be disassembled and easily transported from one location to another.

Video Interviews Wanted in Homer

in Design Labs, Homer

We’re seeking individuals in Homer to capture stories that will be combined & edited together for the Community Video Portrait installation at the Bunnell Street Arts Center. The video installation will be available for viewing on April 14th. Read more

Nome Project Announced

in Design Labs, Nome

Nome artist team SPURSE has submitted their project plan for Niġġivik / Eating Place:

To eat is to celebrate the revolutionary acts of community building when we gather, prepare and share food. The vibrant practices of subsistence living among Alaskans already exemplify this spirit, conjoining people with place in radically unique ways. SPURSE imagines that such practices are not locatable by mere cartographic means, but by a vast conspiring of creatures, environments and processes that co-shape this event we call “eating.”

To test this logic, SPURSE members Iain Kerr and Petia Morozov will collaborate with the city of Nome to carry out a weeklong program of scavengings, schemings, and exchanges. These will culminate into three mobile dinner events that experiment with new forms of sharing a meal, and that speculate on future ideas about “common space.” Driving the larger ambition is to create a robust platform for rich social and ecological interactions that move both within and beyond the traditional bounds of “the commons.”

Click here for the complete project description.

Juneau Project Announced

in Design Labs, Juneau

Juneau Design Lab artists Rebar propose to explore the notion of emergence, through their project Sho-Globe.

Emergence—whether from the depths of winter into spring, or from one spatial condition to another—is at the heart of the process of inhabiting public space. It is in the public commons that new social orders emerge, whether through protest and uprising or spontaneous creative improvisation.

Click here for the complete project description.

Fairbanks Project Announced

in Design Labs, Fairbanks

Artist Candy Chang describes her project plan for Looking For Love Again, the Fairbanks Design Lab:

The Polaris Building is a landmark of downtown Fairbanks. Built in the 1950s, the once-thriving hotel is the tallest building in the city. The business has since closed, however, and the high-rise has stood empty for over a decade. How can this building be loved again?

Click here for full project description

Anchorage Project Announced

in Anchorage, Design Labs

Artists Pezo von Ellrichshausen have submitted their project plan for Soft Pavilion.

Click here for the complete project description

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