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Homer Project Announced

in Design Labs, Homer

Hasan Elahi has proposed to facilitate a project titled Community Video Portrait as a communal vessel for the exploration of History as Common Space. The idea is to capture shared community history as Common Space, and present the media in an art installation at a public space.

Click here for the complete project description.

REBAR: Transforming Parking Space in San Francisco

in Design Labs, Juneau

REBAR, the Juneau Design Lab artists, took on the challenge of public space in San Francisco. One of their solutions was the creation and installation of “parklets” – platforms that transformed parking spaces into a place for pedestrians to meet and hang out. On particular project addressed the crowding concern in front of a sequence of cafes and restaurants, where customers often crowd the narrow sidewalk and occasionally spill into the street. Read more

C is for Candy

in Design Labs, Fairbanks

Candy Chang, the featured artist for the Fairbanks Design Lab, likes to make cities more comfortable for people. This 2011 TED Senior Fellow is now living in New Orleans, where she has produced projects such as I Wish I Was, It’s Good To Be Here and Neighbor Doorknob Hanger. Read more

COMMON SPACE Artist on The Colbert Report

in Design Labs, Homer

Hasan Elahi is the featured artist for the COMMON SPACE Design Lab in Homer. See a video of Hasan when was a guest of Stephen Colbert.

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Hasan Elahi
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Idea Generators: Kits Sent To Artists

in Design Labs

Alaska is of course a unique place. And Anchorage, Fairbanks, Homer, Juneau and Nome each have their own special blend of history, culture, accessibility, weather and other facets that have shaped their local personality. Thus, we felt it was important to provide our Design Labs artists with tangible items – things they could hold, examine, contemplate and consider – to familiarize them with both Alaska and the unique community that they’ll be working in this April. Read more

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