Project Description: Community Video Portrait

Hasan Elahi has proposed to facilitate Community Video Portrait as a communal vessel for the exploration of History as Common Space. The idea is to capture shared community history as Common Space, and present the media in an art installation at a public space.

Community Video Portrait breaks down into three components: (1) collection, (2) place, and (3) technology.

1. Collection (the content)

The Homer Community creates the content by collecting interviews of each other with simple video technology to document the storytelling of the community in terms of:

  • Generations (young and old)
  • Trades/Professions (artists, fishermen, firemen, veterans, teachers, business, nightlife, students, etc.)
  • Parts of Town (the turf)

In March we start gathering the stories… we need volunteers to help out.  Please contact Michele Miller,  Sandy Gillespie or John Weir for more information on the particulars.

Cameras will be provided to the volunteers or use of their own media device is encouraged.  At the end of March the video information will be collected by John Weir, and Hasan Elahi will collate and edit the video information in preparation for the week long Artist‐in‐Residence (April 11th through the 15th).

2. Place (the vessel)

The art installation will be developed and installed during the week of April 10th and will culminate in an afternoon/evening Installation Opening somewhere in Homer.  Specifics are still being developed.

3. Technology (the medium)

Using the artist’s traditional palate of expression, a community video portrait will be developed to reveal the diversity of Homer; it’s the revealing of an oral time capsule. The artist is creating the platform and the community is crating the content; the artist then renders that content in a way that explores the combined and separate stories that make up the Common Space of History in Homer.