Project Description: Sho-Globe

Juneau Design Lab artists REBAR propose to explore the notion of emergence through Sho-Globe.

Emergence—whether from the depths of winter into spring, or from one spatial condition to another—is at the heart of the process of inhabiting public space. It is in the public commons that new social orders emerge, whether through protest and uprising or spontaneous creative improvisation.

We intend to explore how a new situation emerges out of an old space by developing a temporary, portable, lightweight and inflatable architecture to transform small, potentially wet or chilly outdoor spaces into welcoming nuclei of imagination and conviviality.

Because of the overlap with the Alaska Folk Festival, the project will have the benefit of hundreds of participants who will be looking for places to socialize, meet new people, and jam around Juneau. We intend to focus geographically on spaces around Centennial Hall, the State Office Building, and outside hotels in the area, seeking places to test our creation in outdoor spaces that do not meet their full potential because of design or weather limitations. As these ephemeral structures emerge suddenly in public spaces a new, warmer relationship emerges between strangers as they inside.

We intend to explore a very portable inflatable architecture that can easily transport to a new location, envelope existing site features if necessary, and provide a semi-transparent, permeable environment that is comfortable to inhabit socially, The effect will be a “mini springtime” inside the Sho-Globe.