NIĠĠIVIK / EATING PLACE. How can we as a community catalyze our everyday actions of eating to evolve these practices? We would like to publish a beautiful cook book. But how to do this?

We would like to do this by collaborating with people and groups in Nome to make a series of three astonishing meals. This would involve a week long program of scavengings, schemings, and eating. And it would culminate into three dinner events that experiment with new forms of sharing a meal, and that speculate on future ideas about “common space.”

The cook book would come out of this week: stories, experiments, meals, recipes, new ideas about commons. This book would be co-authored by all involved, published and distributed in Nome, across Alaska and nationally.

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SPURSE will be in Nome from April 10-16, 2011 as an artist-in-residence to work on Niġġivik / Eating Place.

The project will include three dinner events (one per day on April 13-15) as a means to exchange and celebrate the rituals and practices that surround the act of sharing a meal. The dinner events will take place inside the mobile cooking unit that will be built during SPURSE’s residency. The project will culminate with a book-making workshop on April 16.

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Michael Gerace, Alaska Design Forum