Daily Schedule for April 10-16, 2011

April 11

SPURSE will hold a specially-scheduled bulk refuse collection day, as they circulate throughout Nome in a pick-up truck to meet its citizens at the curb, and pick up their discarded/donated goods. These goods will be gathered in a town center location that provides a workshop and a kitchen.

April 11-12

Invited hunters, gatherers, builders, and  will gather at this town center location to partake in two day-long work intensives with SPURSE to develop and build a mobile unit for cooking and eating.

April 13-15

This unit will be activated to stage three dinner events (one per day) as a means to exchange and celebrate the rituals and practices that surround the act of sharing a meal. On the beach, in a greenhouse, in the bar – their locations are unknown and will present themselves during the process.

April 16

SPURSE will host a one day book making workshop. We will teach book design skills and work together to finalize the book.

April 10-16

Each day, SPURSE will broadcast a special news and weather report live over Nome’s local radio station that coincides with the ongoing developments of the project.